node.js] How to use native modules in NW.js | Using Sqlite3

This section explains how to rebuild and use native node modules in NW.js. The native module we will use this time is "sqlite3".

node.js] How to encrypt and binaryize JavaScript with nw.js

Electron" is a desktop application development framework that has become a major player in the world in recent years. However, because it is not possible to make source code binary and confidential, many people have been putting off desktop application development with Electron, even though modern applications can be developed with it. However, using "NW.js," a framework in the same family as Electron, source code can be made binary.

How to download the recording data of a Twitter space|For general use & for programmers

This article will show how anyone can download the recording archive of a Twitterspace as an audio file to their PC or smartphone. The main part of this article is an introduction to this process for the general public. In the second half of the article, for programmers, we will explain how to download the Twitterspace archive with a single command using Python.

How to avoid information censorship by also showing DuckduckGo search results in Google search results

Recently, Google searches have been heavily censored, and intentional directing to certain information is becoming more and more noticeable. Therefore, we created a Chrome extension that displays search results from the uncensored "DuckduckGO" search engine in the Google search results at the same time.

【Screen Reader】 Introduction and explanation of recommended add-ons for NVDA for people with low vision.

This article introduces recommended add-ons for NVDA, an open software screen reader for Windows, for people with low vision. For reference, we will show you the NVDA add-ons that we usually use. As an added bonus, I will also tell you about a high-quality voice engine that is available for free.