How to avoid information censorship by also showing DuckduckGo search results in Google search results

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Google’s search engine is very powerful, and most of us use it on a regular basis as a matter of course, but recently the censorship of information has become so severe that it is easy to be grabbed by intentionally guided information.

We also feel that it is difficult to obtain real information because recent SEO updates have given priority to corporate sites and other sites, making it difficult for personal blogs and other sites to be ranked higher.

So the search engine I usually use as a sub is called “DuckduckGo,” which is developed as open source and touts itself as being free of any information censorship.

My main search engine is Google, but if I find information that looks a little suspicious, I immediately search for it on DuckduckGo as well.

However, since the search process is twice as long, I wondered if it would be possible to display DuckduckGo search results at the same time as Google searches, and created a Chrome extension. It is simple, but it is very useful because it can display DuckduckGo search results on the right side of the Google search results page.

In addition, identical links in both Google and DuckduckGo search results are highlighted with a colored background. This allows you to quickly and efficiently see which links were hit only on DuckduckGo.

I don’t think there is much demand for it, but if anyone is in the same situation as me, please include it.

It can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.